Concord, N.H., 1851 School Text Books

I was recently consulting old Town Meeting proceedings for Concord, New Hampshire, as part of research for a client, when I came across an interesting bit of detail in the school committee report for the 1851 Town Meeting.  Along with the expected reporting of the number of students and teachers, wages, expenditures, etc., they also listed, for a few of the Concord school districts, which textbooks were in use.   As an example,  for District #10, the following text books were being used (p. 51):

Andrews and Stoddard’s Latin Grammar and Reader; Cooper’ Virgil; Leverett’s Lexicon; Legendre’s Geometry; Day’s Algebra; Cutter’s Physiology; Burritt’s Geography of the Heavens; Johnston’s Nat. Philosophy; Preston’s Book-Keeping; Goodrich’s History; Adam’s, Davies’, and Emerson’s Arithmetics; Weld’s Grammar; Welds’ Parsing Book; Mitchell’s Geography; Russell’s Am. Reader; Town’s Series  Readers ; Webster’s High School Dictionary; Town’s Speller and Definer.

I was curious what these textbooks were like, so I searched for them on the Internet Archive.  I tried to determine the most-recent edition of these texts, prior to 1851.  In some cases there was ambiguity, where there were more than one textbook by the same author, targeting different grade levels.  But, as best as I can figure, these are the textbooks used in Concord in 1851:


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