My Ancestors

I am always glad to hear from distant cousins.  Here are my 16 great-great grandparents, their dates and place of birth.

  • Paternal grandfather’s line:
    • John Cook, Jr. (abt 1850-?, Lanarkshire, Scotland?)
    • Elizabeth Lightbody (1841-1926, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
    • John Miller Cameron (1849-aft. 1901, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
    • Agnes McKinlay (abt 1850-1932, Dunbartonshire, Scotland)
  • Paternal grandmother’s line:
    • Galen Porter Cushing (1844-1910, Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts)
    • Ellen Eugenia Orcutt (1843-1908,  Williamstown, Berkshire, Massachusetts)
    • James Austin Damon (1855-1920, Hanover, Plymouth, Massachusetts)
    • Mary Kingman Chessman (1856-1937, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts)
  • Maternal grandfather’s line:
    • William Frederick Hahn (1860-1936, Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin)
    • Agnes Mary Zifka (1861-1955, Prussia)
    • John J. Cero (1865-1945, Poland)
    • Anastasia Novinska (1868-1937, Poland)
  • Maternal grandmother’s line:
    • John Hudek (1857-1924, Bohemia)
    • Alice Kolar (1858-1955, Wisconsin)
    • James E. Muldowney (1855-1938, Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia)
    • Anna Maria Casper (1873-1931, Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin)

The observant reader will note that the “Weir” surname does not appear here.   My great grandfather, James Lightbody (1872, Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland) was born to a single mother, Elizabeth Lightbody.  A Sheriff Court declaration gave “James Cook, junior” as the father.   Y-chromosome DNA tests confirm my paternal line is Cook, although I have not yet been able to identify the exact James Cook who is my great-great grandfather.  Elizabeth later married James Weir, who adopted James.

If you want to check for a DNA match, I’m M001273 on GEDmatch.

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